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January 11, 1999

Local News


Mayor encouraged on possible route reinstatement

   BOTHELL--Mayor Debbie Treen of Bothell was encouraged with progress made at last week's meeting between Northshore officials and Sound Transit over a north-end express bus route, though she says any such route the regional transit authority now plans will probably have to be scaled back for budgetary reasons.

   "I'm encouraged by the fact there seems to be a definite commitment by Sound Transit to reinstate Route E," said Treen.

   The route, from Woodinville through Bothell, Kenmore, and Lake Forest Park to Seattle was removed from a draft plan several months ago to the surprise of local officials. Sound Transit said it was done to avoid duplication with a north-end Metro route, although service hours were eaten into after administrative and insurance costs were recently factored into the budget for the East King County region.

   "Even if they do a route, it will be reduced and scaled back," said Treen.

   A route along the SR-522 corridor had been in the transit plan voters approved in 1996. Sound Transit staff and Northshore officials will meet again on the route issue.

Federov trial starts

   SEATTLE--The trial of Roman Federov, who is charged with eight counts of first-degree robbery for his part in a crime spree that began in Seattle and came to a deadly end in Woodinville, began last week.

   Federov is on trial for his part in robbing the Woodinville 7-11 and BP gas station, as well as six other stations and convenience stores in a pre-dawn series of robberies Dec. 18, 1997. His alleged partner, Vitaly Kalchik, died outside the 7-11 after being shot by the shop owner.

   Federov was captured about a mile away, allegedly fleeing from a stolen vehicle he'd wrapped around a traffic standard.

Outdoor burn ban on in Woodinville fire district

   WOODINVILLE--Last week Woodinville fire officials closed residential outdoor burning until March 1. Burning can resume again then. Call 483-2131, ext. 93 for more information.

   With stagnant air, authorities also declared a burn ban across King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties last Tuesday, banning all burning except for sole-sources of heat. Then, Wednesday, the regional ban was lifted as weather moved into the area.

Have a message for your legislator?

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