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January 11, 1999

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Lake Leota house burns for a worthy cause

house fire

Woodinville firefighters keep a close eye on a house deliberately set ablaze at the culmination of a day of training there. They're hosing down a cedar tree towering above the burning home's front porch.
Staff photo by Andrew Walgamott.

by Woodinville Weekly staff

   WOODINVILLE--A home near Lake Leota was put to the match by the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District last Thursday as part of training exercises for new and veteran firemen. Crews practiced attack and suppression, and tried out a thermal camera which could be used to find people in smoky rooms.

   Located at NE 179th St. and 171st Ave. NE, the two-bedroom home was on land being cleared for development; it had been built several decades ago. A young woman who came down to watch the spectacle said it was hard to watch the home burn because she'd lived in it while growing up.

   During the exercises, one firefighter was injured when he fell on a piece of his equipment and was transported to Evergreen Hospital for evaluation, officials reported.