Northwest NEWS

January 11, 1999


Northshore to conduct districtwide survey

   Every other year, the Northshore School District surveys its students, parents, and staff. The goal is to collect meaningful data on how people feel about the quality of education being delivered in the district and on Northshore as a place of employment. The results will be used to help set goals and design action plans for the next school year.

   On Jan. 11, the district mailed 21,000 surveys to parents of Northshore students. Parents will receive one survey for every child currently enrolled in the district. If families have more than one child enrolled, they only need to complete one survey for each of the schools their children attend.

   All staff members and all students in grades 1-12 will also be asked to complete a survey. Students will be given class time to do this.

   All surveys must be returned by Jan. 22. They may be mailed to the district in the return envelope provided or returned to the main office of any school. For additional information, call (425) 489-5399.