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January 11, 1999

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Busy first week for Woodinville's new city manager

Pete Rose

Pete Rose, new city manager, is briefed by Deborah Knight, interim public works director, during his first day on the job.
Staff photo by Andrew Walgamott.

by Andrew Walgamott, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Pete Rose's first week on the job as Woodinville city manager was a little like cramming for a series of tests--underwater. "I think I've had kind of a total immersion week," said Rose late last Friday afternoon before heading out of town. "It was a major information dump," he said.

   Rose was sworn in as the city's fifth manager Jan. 4 in front of family and friends, city staffers, and others. Standing in front of all seven members of the City Council, Rose swore to "faithfully and impartially perform the duties of my office as prescribed by law and to the best of my ability."

   On his first day, he was seen being briefed by Interim Public Works Director Deborah Knight, one of many meetings with councilmembers, department heads, and city staffers. He also attended regional discussions during the week.

   "I think we got a real top-notch guy," said Mayor Don Brocha. "Not only will the work be done, but it'll be top quality."

   Councilman Randy Ransom said he was "excited and thrilled to have Rose on board."

   Rose was chosen as the city's new manager last November. Previously, he's administrated Medical Lake and Quincy in Eastern Washington. He replaces Finance Director Jim Katica, who filled in after the former manager, Roy Rainey, was fired last June.

   While Rose said he had a good feeling about city staff, calling them "capable," he said there were a lot of things waiting for him to do. He said he'll be moving quickly to staff up. Posts to fill include public works director and assistant to the city manager. Other tasks include getting in touch with the residents and business community. He will address the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 12.

   Asked how his first week in Woodinville was compared to other cities, Rose said, "Things are a little more organized here, and staff manages their roles very well."

   Rose is married and has a daughter and son. He is originally from California and has a master's degree in government from California State University, and a bachelor's degree in political science/public service from UC-Davis. For now, he is renting a home near Duvall.

   Also, Bothell welcomed Jim Thompson as their new city manager last week.