Northwest NEWS

January 18, 1999


More taxes do not make a strong economy

   I have noticed in past issues of the Woodinville Weekly that the local city politicians are patting themselves on the backs for maintaining city taxes at the $1.60 rate/thousand.

   Typically, the politicians think the local citizens are dumb and stupid. What they do not recognize is the loss of business in Kenmore and Bothell due to lower gasoline prices by 2 to 4 cents per gallon, lower restaurant prices by an average of 10%, and lower grocery prices.

   Now the politicians have a problem: healing their broken arms from patting themselves on the back.

   I think this is a classic example that more taxes do not make a strong economy. High taxes destroy businesses. Governments are non-profit organizations and a dollar taken in taxes is lost forever.

Dale C. Sarver, Woodinville