Northwest NEWS

January 25, 1999


It's everyone's job to be prepared for a disaster

   On January 12, 1999, the Hollywood Hill Elementary School PTA sponsored a meeting about Emergency Preparedness. In attendance were over ninety parents, teachers, and staff members who heard a comprehensive program prepared by the American Red Cross, City of Woodinville, Woodinville Fire & LIfe Safety District, and the school nurse.

   The scope of the program gave an overview of each organization and what would be their involvement/support in the event of a disaster. Questions concerning available emergency services, response times, and individual/family preparedness were also answered by this panel. Valuable information was available in the form of brochures, booklets, and handouts.

   As a parent of children at Hollywood Hill Elementary, I would like to thank several people who made this meeting possible, and for their participation in the panel: Ms. Lee Franklin from the American Red Cross; Mr. Ray Sturtz from the City of Woodinville; Mr. David Leggett from Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District; and Mrs. Peggy StrumVanderPol, school nurse at Hollywood Hill Elementary.

   Also, thank you to the Hollywood Hill Elementary School PTA for sponsoring the program and to the staff and teachers who were willing and able to extend their busy day even longer to attend this meeting.

   It is not easy or enjoyable to think of disaster preparedness, and many of us become frightened and frustrated when we try to come to terms with this concept. I believe that increasing our knowledge in this area, learning the "what, who, when, and how" to prepare for a disaster, and knowing that our children will be provided with the basics--warmth, shelter, water, and food in a disaster--will enable each one of us to deal much more effectively and safely in an emergency.

   It's everyone's job to be prepared. Thanks to those listed above for enabling each one of us to do just that!

Norma Murphy, Woodinville