Northwest NEWS

January 25, 1999


Everyone needs to hear us condemn gay bashing and the hatred and fear that cause it

   Your January 11 edition included the story "Northshore, Riverview districts not immune to gay bashing." Thank you for reporting on this important topic.

   One thing all of us can do to combat gay bashing is talk about it. Our children, our neighbors, and our co-workers need to hear us condemn this type of violence and the hatred and fear that cause it. They need to know that we value every human being.

   Another thing we can all do is tell the educators we know (staff, teachers, administrators, board members) that we want hatred and bigotry in any form confronted and stopped in our schools.

   Finally, a word to parents: Your son or daughter may be gay, lesbian or bisexual. If you check your assumptions, you will probably find that you assume your children are heterosexual. You probably imagine and talk about them growing up, falling in love, and getting married (to a person of the opposite gender).

   As hard as it may be to combat those assumptions, speak of the possibility of a different future. For those children who are not heterosexual, those words can be a life-saver.

Jeffrey Spencer, Pastor, Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ