Northwest NEWS

February 1, 1999

Front Page

'Celebrate Kenmore' chairman announced

by John Phelps

   Kenmore's Mayor Jack Crawford announced at last week's council meeting that Tom Traeger would chair the 1999 Celebrate Kenmore coordinating committee. Traeger, a Moorlands resident, is currently serving as president of the Kenmore Heritage Society.

   At the same time, the mayor acknowledged and thanked the co-chairs of last year's initial event, Gary and Elaine Dupen, for a job well done.

   It doesn't happen until late summer, but planning is already underway for Kenmore's community wide celebration. Traeger indicated that community members will soon be coming together to do some preliminary planning for the event with primary focus on determining the overall theme, as well as its scope.

   "With the incorporation of our new city, there is a real sense of community identity," Traeger said, "and we want our end-of-the-summer event to celebrate that feeling."

   Anyone interested in being a part of the planning and coordination of the festival is encouraged to contact either chairperson Traeger at 488-2818, or to give your name to City Hall at 398-8900. The first committee meeting will be in late February, with the date and time yet to be set.