Northwest NEWS

February 1, 1999


Sleds readied for Klondike Derby

sled prepped

(Left to right) Matthew Coughlin, John Coughlin, and Jim Stenehjem of Woodinville Ski Rentals; Jim Bystom and Dick Monroe from the scouting progam.

   The sleds were waxed last week as Boy Scout leaders helped more than 550 scouts from Northlake and Sammamish Trails get ready for the 1999 Klondike Derby.

   Scout leaders Dick Monroe and Jim Bystrom from Troop 909 took the 6'x42"x20" hand-made sleds to Woodinville Ski Rentals, which volunteers each year to keep the sleds in shape.

   "It's an exciting event," said Monroe, who has been active in the event since 1988.

   "We have inter-troop competition that tests skills, and also just fun in the snow," said Bystrom.

   For information about scouting, call the Chief Seattle district office at 206-725-5200, or Jim Bystrom at (425)488-6769.