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February 1, 1999

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Carnation selects police chief

by Valley View staff

   CARNATION--City officials have selected Sgt. Bonnie Soule of the King County Sheriff's Office to be the new police chief.

   Soule was selected from a group of three applicants from the Sheriff's Office, which provides police services to Carnation. In December, the City Council voted unanimously to contract with King County for police services rather than continuing with a city police force.

   Soule is a veteran of 18 years of service with the county. Her experience includes assignments as K-9 handler, instructor, detective, school resource officer, community police officer, and patrol supervising sergeant.

   City Administrator Woody Edvalson said city officials were particularly impressed by Soule's community orientation.

   "She has worked as a community police officer in Shoreline and put together their community police 'storefront,'" Edvalson said. "She has spent a lot of time working in the high schools and middle schools." He added that she also worked out of the Fall City Substation from 1993 to 1996 and has a familiarity with Carnation and the surrounding area.

   Mayor David Hunter also noted that it was her community policing orientation, her experience in the schools, and her work with volunteers that helped her stand out as the city's top candidate. He added that he appreciated the assistance of King County Sheriff David Reichert and his staff during the transition in police services.

   Hunter gave credit to the interim Police Chief, D.J. Nesel, who, he said, was extremely instrumental in assisting with the reorganization of the Carnation Police Department and preparing it for the change to contract services.

   Soule's job with the city officially started Feb. 1 and she was introduced to the community at the Feb. 2 City Council meeting. She will preside over three full-time staff members in the police department.

   Edvalson said her job with the city is technically part-time. "She will be dividing her time betweem the city and county, and is actually a supervisor over the immediate area that includes Carnation," he said.