Northwest NEWS

February 8, 1999


New name for Associated Vintners

   Associated Vintners, Inc., has adopted a new corporate identity as Corus Brands. The name "Corus" was inspired by the Greek mythological name for the Northwest wind and also signifies the cohesive "chorus" of wineries which the company has brought together in the past 35 years.

   The company's sales and marketing department, Columbia Wine & Spirits, will also be absorbed into the new corporate name.

   "Our position in the marketplace has considerably increased during the past five years through the expansion of both our import and domestic portfolios," says Andrew Browne, president and CEO of Corus Brands. "We found this growth period as the appropriate time to create a new corporate identity."

   Corus Brands will now be the corporate name for the second largest group of wineries in the Northwest, including such nationally-known brands as Columbia Winery, Covey Run, Paul Thomas, and Ste. Chapelle.

   Import brands include the Australian brand Alice White, Reine Pedauque and Bordeaux Vignerons from France, and newly-released La Palma from Chile. Corus Brands also includes other brands such as Millennium, Sawtooth, and Cascade Ridge.