Northwest NEWS

February 8, 1999


Wimp City USA?

   We quietly accept rising property taxes, disappearing trees, and a glut of unnecessary malls and sports stadiums. We watch city leaders offer obscene incentives to big stores so they can turn downtown Seattle into a sea of boutiques. We meekly pay big bucks to tag our vehicles. We put up with electrical outages from "Puny Sound Energy." And we seemingly agree as various government agencies pay big buck-settlements to whiners instead of contesting winnable discrimination suits.

   Once a wild and woolly lumberjack and sailor's town, Seattle has become a hesitant city of wimps. Are we too politically correct to raise our voices and correct the insults and abuses we face daily? And are METRO bus riders the biggest wimps in the city?

   Among the offenses to common civility and decency that METRO riders encounter and endure are:

   METRO drivers can't drive and be policemen, too. But METRO security can educate wrongdoers ... with a little help. If someone is continually abusing you and other riders, complain to METRO Customer Service: 206-553-3060. Be prepared to give the bus number, time of day, and a description of the perpetrator(s) and his/her actions.

   Riding a METRO bus will never be as pleasurable as riding in a limo. But the bus environment should be pain-free. Riders, don't be wimps.

Gary Blevins, Woodinville