Northwest NEWS

February 8, 1999


False sense of concern

   Do you really think the city of Woodinville cares about the traffic nightmare they have created? If you believe the statements made by council members, city managers, and our mayor, who thinks driving through the downtown mall is a great alternative to 175th, you just might.

   The real truth can be found almost ever week under public notices in the Woodinville Weekly. I am by no means an expert in reading these notices (my guess is they are written the way they are so we can't understand them); however, key words like "6,000 sq. ft. office building," "impact on 175th and 131st," and "send in your $125 with your appeal to the Planning Director," send a message to me that commercial income is the goal of Woodinville, not the quality of life.

   My proposal is: Cease and desist on any further construction and development until the current traffic problems are resolved. Then and only then will permits be issued under the following Mitigation List: Any traffic impact must be identified, resolved, and paid for by the builder before any construction can begin.

   Of course, nobody has to pay any attention to my proposal, since I didn't send in my 125 bucks.

Dennis Dearing, via e-mail