Northwest NEWS

February 8, 1999


Are groups working at cross purposes?

   There are many groups in the Lower Snoqualmie Valley seeking to make this a better home for all of us. I just sometimes wonder if we're working at cross-purposes. One group wants more fields for soccer and another wants for fields for baseball. One group wants more youth activities and another wants more services for seniors. One group wants a skateboard park and another wants to build a swimming pool and recreation center.

   Some groups are concerned about the education of our children. Some groups are concerned about the arts. Some groups want to develop a greater sense of community in their neighborhoods. Yet all of these groups are concerned about community, recreation, and/or youth. And all of them function with big dreams, limited volunteer support, and limited financial resources.

   I cannot help but wonder, "Isn't there some way we can work together--or at least communicate with one another better?" We may find out on Feb. 25. For over 25 years, the Valley Recreation Association has sought to build a swimming pool and recreation center in the Lower Snoqualmie Valley.

   For the last year, we have worked to revitalize that effort. Now we stand ready to move forward and make the dream become a reality. But with all the community, recreation, and youth organizations in the Valley, we wonder if there aren't partners out there with whom we could work.

   Matt McCarter, a King County Community Organizer, will host a meeting at Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ, 4851 Tolt Avenue, Carnation, on Thursday, Feb. 25, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. He hopes (as do I) that people from all sorts of organizations and groups in the Valley will take part. If you are part of a community group or volunteer program that wants to better utilize existing resources and increase success, join us in this exploration of how we can work together to reach our common goals.

   If you know of other people and groups that should be represented, please let them know about the meeting. Please RSVP by February 20 so we know how many are coming. You can call Matt (206-205-6443) or Tolt Congregational Church (425-333-4254) to let us know you are coming.

Jeffrey Spencer, President, Valley Recreation Association