Northwest NEWS

February 8, 1999


Northshore Graduates

   The following students earned their bachelor's degrees at Western Washington University at the end of summer quarter, 1998: Bothell--Trent Burke, Becky Corning, Jason Hanson, Amy Verhei, and Casey Smith. Woodinville--Nathan Mayes, Amy Soltys, Brian Ward, and Holly Patrick.

   Rebecca Olson graduated cum laude from the University of Utah at Salt Lake City in June of 1998 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre/Actors Training Program.

   The following students received their bachelor's degree at Western Washington University at the conclusion of spring quarter, 1998: Bothell--BA: Adria Adams, Ryan Blume, Edward Brightman, Kari Cushing, Miranda Erickson, Lindsey Ferris, Cathleen Fox, Laura Hemmen, Heather Holverstott, Tara Hovey, Christina King, Vanessa Mi Jo Lee, Lisa Lindjord, Robin Mannick, Christa Orth, Timothy Rennick, Danielle Smith, and Summer Marie Yeager. BAE: Heidi Borman, Shannon Buckley, and Kerri Sales. BMUS: Teresa Guida. BS: Kathleen Denning, James Harding, David Lemke, Amy Robinson, Troy Taylor, Jessica Trofimczuk, and Joshua Webb.
   Woodinville--BA: Lyndsy Best, Diane Bishop, Karla Brackmann, Christopher Butterfield, Jason Galante, Jessica Hermann, Douglas Leavengood, April Saunders, Cristy Silverman, Stacey Simon, Matt Stansberry, Jonathon Stone, Andrew Welch, and Heather Zahnow. BAE: Christina Child, and Nicole Denison. BS: Miles Elledge, Monica Swanson, and Christine Vogt.

   The following students have graduated from Seattle Pacific University: Stephanie Baxter, Molly Burrows, Stephanie Hummel, and Nancy Pitts.

   Rebecca Regeth of Bothell earned a Doctorate degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of New Hampshire.

   Matthew Edward Grier, from Woodinville High School, graduated from Portland State University in the Spring of 1998.

   Kristin Rachel Whisler was awarded an academic degree from Baylor University at the close of the 1998 summer session.

   The following students graduated from Central Washington University: Spring quarter 1998--Lori Hermansen, Renee Schiferl, Lori McDonald, Shelley Olson, and Nora Olsen. Summer quarter 1998--Barbara Feldman, Natalie Schmidt, and Catherine McCarthy. Winter quarter 1998--Scott Mitchell, Daniel Cellini, Shelly Quinby, Royce Cottle, Lara Bennett and Heather Underwood.

   The following students graduated from Eastern Washington University in Summer or Fall: Bothell-- Renee M. Richards. Woodinville--Kelly J. Correll.

   Beth Frances Maureen Balliet, a resident of Woodinville, graduated during the December Winter Commencement ceremony at Concordia University.