Northwest NEWS

February 8, 1999

Valley Special

Young artists exhibit at Reflections

Reflections winners

Left to right: Reflections winners Alex Ostrem, Nicole Rhode, Michael Morris, Oceanna Tout, and Sean Morris.

by Teel Varland, special to the Valley View

   Many young Stillwater artists exhibited their work at the recent Reflections contest. There are some very promising young people representing the school.

   Reflections is more than a nationwide contest. It's a wonderful opportunity to build courage, confidence, and self-esteem. Parents and teachers play an important role in that they can encourage support and strengthen the personalities of these young artists.

   The following people helped make this possible: Joel Varland, Janie Dalton, Trish Morris, Kim Rhodes, Linda Williams, Sue in the office, Pam in the copy room, Roy the maintenance man, STAT manufacturing, Steve Poulson, John Poulson, Beth Cooke, and Mrs. Lewis. Judges were Mrs. Olson, Mrs. Keefe, Don Williams, Kathlene Williams, Debbie Pilgram, and Tammy Adolfson.

   This year's winners were:

   Only four of the artists were allowed to go on to the State Competition. They were Nicole Rhode, Michael Morris, Alex Ostrem, and Oceanna Tout. Those who do well will continue to Nationals.