Northwest NEWS

February 8, 1999

Valley Special

Duvall Police Log

   Jan. 25: Someone dumped eight bags of garbage at a construction lot in the Taylor's Ridge neighborhood. Police recovered some mail and other personal belongings.

   Jan. 26: Officers were called to Cedarcrest High School to recover a fire extinguisher that a student had used in a hallway and teachers' lounge.

   Jan. 27: The student who had used the extinguisher the previous day turned himself in at school, saying he thought it would be a good prank. Police were called and the student was placed into custody for malicious mischief and was released to his parents. Costs for the extinguisher, cleanup, and replacement of two smoke detectors will be incorporated into the case.

   Jan. 28: When a Crestview homeowner returned home, he found a window was open and the front door was ajar. Fingerprints were gathered. Nothing of value appeared to have been taken.