Northwest NEWS

February 15, 1999

Front Page

New way to report crime in Kenmore

   At their Feb. 8 meeting, the Kenmore City Council passed a motion supporting the Sheriff's Department new alternative call handling program. As of April 1, residents will report three categories of crime by phone to 911. These include: vehicle thefts with no suspects and vandalism, and low value thefts under $250. This system will allow stolen vehicle reports to be entered into the police network immediately.

   Citizens will not have to wait for a police officer to be available to supply a case number for the insurance company. Police will follow up with that information later. It is estimated that every officer will save 45 minutes per shift with the new system.

   In other business, a public hearing was held on the proposed extension of the Adult Entertainment Moratorium. City Planner Greg Dohrn explained the city must provide for the location of such businesses, but that Kenmore can wait until the completion of its comprehensive plan to address the problem.