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February 15, 1999

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Bears, bears, and more bears at Lockwood

bears #1 bears #2
Photos by Alice Swartz.

   With the help of Girl Scout Junior Troop 837 and Brownie Troop 1649, Lockwood Elementary PTA recently completed their annual collection for the KLSY Teddy Bear Patrol. Over the past four years, Lockwood families, along with the PTA, have contributed over $800 for the purchase of bears and have donated more than 300 new teddy bears to local police and fire departments in Kenmore and Bothell.

   Troop members include Andrea Opsata, Lianne Sturlangson, Kellee Christensen, Ellie Shurtlieff, Christina Gesell, Danielle Congdon, Lizzie Hanscom, Christina Halverson, Hannah Curtiss, Elizabeth Davenport, Ashley Edmison, Breanne Buckles, Alanna Stanton, Celeste Benson, Allison Medina, Jenna Rutherford, Amy Jo Christensen, Alexa Smith, Tasha Nygen, Anna Scott, Amy Taylor, and Kelsey Smith.