Northwest NEWS

February 22, 1999


Protect your pets

   Pet theft is at near-epidemic proportions, and all companion animals are at risk. The numbers are startling.

   Each year, approximately two million pets are stolen from backyards, vehicles, and ranches across America. Only about ten percent, or a little less than 200,000, are ever recovered. The tragedy of pet theft is that the effects are long-term and touch every member of the family. Owners can spend weeks, months, and even years searching for and never knowing the whereabouts and safety of their animal.

   There are some simple steps, however, that when followed, can ensure that animals stay with the people who love them. Last Chance for Animals, a national, non-profit animal protection organization, offers free brochures and fact sheets to help stop pet theft and protect your companion. You can reach LCA at 1-888-88-ANIMALS.

   I am one of the victims of pet theft. I have been searching for my stolen Dalmatian, Dulcie, for over 22 months now. I know personally how devastating pet theft can be.

Lisa Messmer, Roslyn