Northwest NEWS

February 22, 1999


This meeting is a priority

   In response to Jeff Spencer's editorial in the Feb. 8 Valley View, I would like to encourage any and all committees in the Valley who are working on projects that include objectives for our children to please come to the Feb. 25 meeting which will be held at the Tolt Congregational Church from 7-8:30 p.m.

   Matt McCarter from King County will be talking about getting a coalition formed to combine efforts to get things done. I don't know about your committee, but it seems to me that there are more committee meetings and not enough hours and people to serve on each committee to get the work done.

   Yes, there are many volunteers willing to help, but it also seems that many of these volunteers are pulled pretty thin. There are so many committees trying to accomplish the same thing that maybe a different avenue on what they want--such as a pool, recreation center, skate park, athletic fields--is needed.

   The bottom line is we need and want things for our kids, as well as for adults. Why not try to pull together and get the projects done collectively? You can only go to so many meetings, work, and spend time with your family.

   Please come to this meeting. Make it a priority! By combining efforts, it may save us all a lot of time and get projects completed that need to be here in our Valley. I hope to see the VRA, Lower Valley Youth, and any other Community Network, Sno-Valley Baseball League, Sno-Valley Soccer Association, YMCA, and any other committee that's out there at the meeting.

   You know what your goals are. You know you could use some help. Why not take an hour and a half and get some information? See you at the meeting.

Kim Lisk, Carnation