Northwest NEWS

March 1, 1999


Money surplus should lead to tax cut and lower water rates

   I noticed in the last edition of the Woodinville Weekly that the City of Woodinville intends to build a new city hall with the $3.5 million they expect to accumulate by the end of 1999.

   The Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District has purchased two parcels of property in Woodinville. One of the parcels can't be used, so the district purchased a second parcel, the Knoll lumber yard. The district has plans to build a new fire station on the that property costing several million dollars with funds that have accumulated.

   The Woodinville Water District has accumulated sufficient funds to build themselves a new million-dollar office building.

   The federal government expects to accumulate a surplus of $2 trillion in the next 15 years. The politicians in Washington, D.C. are now deciding how to spend this accumulation. The last I heard, the State of Washington had a surplus of $600 million and going up. The politicians in Olympia are now deciding how to spend this accumulation.

   All this accumulation suggests to me that the taxpayer needs a break, a tax break and a water rate cut from the water department.

John Worl, Woodinville