Northwest NEWS

March 1, 1999


Guest Editorial

Help us attract and retain educators

competitive compensationIt's time to step up to what we say is important. It's time to recognize the critical role educators play in shaping the future generation, and therefore, the future economy. It's time to offer educators competitive compensation.

Letters to the Editor

An open letter to the members of the Valley Recreation Association

community poolI get the impression that your organization is feeling a bit frustrated with having to compete with so many other organizations.

Money surplus should lead to tax cut and lower water rates

tax reliefI noticed in the last edition of the Woodinville Weekly that the City of Woodinville intends to build a new city hall with the $3.5 million they expect to accumulate by the end of 1999.

Teacher had lifelong impact on student

lifelong impactA couple of weeks ago I was participating in a group warm-up exercise where I was supposed to think back to my teen years to find an adult who had an effect on me.

Avoiding risk is good earthquake preparedness

earthquake preparednessI am concerned that the controversial Cross-Cascades Pipeline will add to overwhelming helplessness in the event of a major earthquake.

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