Northwest NEWS

March 1, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   Feb. 12: A man entered a Woodinville AM/PM Mini-Mart about 9 p.m. with a red hand-truck. He asked for another employee and then continued to the back storeroom. Later, he was spotted leaving with a large box. It was discovered that he wasn't a deliveryman but a thief. The box contained 82 cartons of cigarettes valued at $2,213.18.
   Also that day, a 17-year-old Woodinville High School student was stopped for reckless driving after an officer spotted him parked in the dark at a local construction site. He was charged with minor-in-possession after empty beer cans were found in his car. An open can was found on the passenger side within his reach. His father was called and he was released to his custody. Later, the officer also found the same brand of beer cans at the site where he had been parked.

   Feb. 15: A 37-year-old female reported a threatening call to her home. The suspect said, "If you hang up, I will rape and kill you." She did hang up and attempted a *69 trace. She will report any future calls.

   Feb. 17: A resident of 186th St. returned home after a doctor's visit and found that an unknown suspect(s) had entered her residence through an unlocked sliding glass door. A video game player and games in her grandson's room were taken.

   Feb. 19: Early Friday, between 4 and 8 a.m., someone bent the antennas on three cars parked on 179th. Damage was about $100 for each car.

   Feb. 20: An empty plastic bag with ammunition and other papers was found at Bothell Landing Park. The items were traced back to a residence on 140th St. The owner's son identified them as belonging to his father. Entry to the home was made through a partially open window. Nine handguns and a knife were also found missing. Value was listed at $2,475.

   Feb. 24: A call from an Everett Money Tree employee saved money for a local business on Woodinville-Redmond Road. After looking in their files, the business found 17 checks missing, one of which a 39-year-old woman was trying to cash in Everett. She reported receiving the check from someone called Tim who had a teardrop tattoo near his eye. He has not been located.

   Feb. 25: A 13-year-old was reported making threats with a knife after an argument over a video game. His nine-year-old sister had shut the door and held it closed while her mom and the police were called. The mom will be taking the boy for counseling.


   Feb. 15: A resident of Inglewood East Mobile Home Park returned home at 6 p.m. and found his front door unlocked. Someone had entered through a window. Over 50 items were gone, including a VCR, typewriter, watch, briefcase, suitcases, camera, candelabra, men's clothing, home furnishings, and $455 in cash. Total loss was $2,436.

   Also that day, police stopped a vehicle on NE 175th St. at 3:30 p.m. for a defective tail light and failing to signal a turn. A check on the passenger revealed he had an outstanding Seattle Police Department warrant. The driver's purse, left open on the front seat, showed a plastic baggy containing a white powder. A search of the purse revealed an envelope containing a brown rock-like substance. A glass tube containing white powder was wedged under the driver's seat. The woman driver was arrested for possession of drugs, and the male passenger was transported to Seattle's North Precinct.