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March 1, 1999

Local News

MDA raises $28,000 in Woodinville Lock-Up


Chris Edwards, manager of Cottage Lake SeaFirst Bank, was "jailed" and had to raise "bail" in the MDA Lock-Up.

   The Muscular Dystrophy Associaion (MDA) raised $28,000 last Thursday in Woodinville when 59 people were "jailed" at Armadillo Restaurant for a good cause. Each person was photographed for a "mug shot" and dressed in jail garb.

   Armed with a cell phone, each jailbird had to raise bail. Albert Postema, of Postema Enterprises, and Roy Bright, of American Pacific, both raised $2,000.

   "It was exciting," said Juanita Behar of Woodinville Licensing.