Northwest NEWS

March 1, 1999

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Duvall Council postpones proposed pipeline discussion

   It was decided at the Duvall City Council meeting on Thursday, February 25, to postpone discussion of the proposed pipeline project until Public Works Director Elizabeth Goode meets with pipeline representatives.

   The new proposed pipeline is designed to run from Woodinville over the Cascade range to Pasco. Olympic Pipe Line representatives have stated it is the most reliable and safest way to ship petroleum.

   However, Snohomish resident Laura Hartman petitioned the council to reject the project citing environmental concerns. She pointed out that there is no assurance the pipeline could survive a 9.5 earthquake which, she said, is expected in this area.

   Hartman also expressed a concern the project would present a risk to salmon and local creeks. Pipeline construction, she believed, could trigger landslides and erosion, as well as community traffic problems with 30 to 50 daily truck trips. She felt rejection of the project would save money.

   Proponents of the project will meet with Goode on March 9. After her meeting and after she has looked over the project, a date to address pipeline issues will be set.