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March 8, 1999

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'Absolutely Incredible Kid Day'

   Adults in the Woodinville area still have time to take part in the third annual "Absolutely Incredible Kid Day," sponsored by Camp Fire Boys and Girls, on March 18.

   Adults are asked to take ten minutes out of their day to write and deliver a caring letter to a child or children. The goal is for every child to receive a letter. It can be left on a pillow, mailed, stuck in a lunch box, e-mailed, read over the phone, or read in person. Camp Fire wants parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, neighbors, educators, and mentors to take part.

   Volunteers will be staffing booths at Bellevue Square and University Village on March 13 and 18 so people can stop by and write a letter on special stationary. Groups of Camp Fire youth will be delivering letters they wrote to newborn babies at several local hospitals.

   Adults can write letters to children they don't know, such as those living in shelters. This has been done in other areas of the country. University of Washington men's basketball coach Bob Bender has written a letter for Camp Fire to distribute to children, and also had each member of his team write a letter to a child they know.

   The public can access letter-writing tips and learn more about Absolutely Incredible Kid Day by visiting the Central Puget Sound Council of Camp Fire Boys and Girls' website at