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March 8, 1999

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Bubba injured in mysterious attack

Bubba the dog

Ron Binkley and his familiy are glad to have Bubba back home with them. After two trips to the vet, the dog is recovering from a vicious attack by a mysterious cat.
Staff photo by Chris Trujillo.

by Chris Trujillo

   Two years ago Ron Binkley moved his wife, two kids, and family dog to the hills high above the town of Duvall. But it wasn't until two weeks ago that he learned with whom he was sharing the land.

   While checking on his 150-pound Rottweiler, Binkley discovered that his pal of eight years, Bubba, was sitting in a pool of his own blood. Binkley first thought that Bubba had gotten into a scuffle with a neighbor's dog, but the nickel-sized puncture wounds across his back made it clear that Bubba's sparring partner was a bobcat or cougar.

   "I figured Bubba just got in a fight with Gunther, the neighbor's dog," Binkley said. "But there weren't any marks on his face, which is typical of most dogfights. All the blood was coming from his back section. I wasn't sure what to think."

   Bubba was rushed to the Duvall Veterinarian Clinic, where he received 40 stitches to close up an internal tear and many more to seal a deep gash on his back.

   "The doctors knew it was an animal attack, but they weren't sure exactly what kind," Binkley said. He became even more concerned then, not just for his dog, but for his two kids at home.

   "I was scared that we had cougars or bobcats in the area," Binkley said. "Bubba's a big, strong dog. But he would have a much better chance than my eight-year-old son Bernie."

   The unfortunate run-in between Bubba and the mysterious cat may have been a blessing in disguise. With a dream house just a few months away from completion, the Binkleys now have a better idea about possible dangers in the area.

   "I just thought it was important for everyone who lives up here [to know] what we may have run into," Binkley said.

   After spending three days at the clinic, Bubba finally came home, only to return to the vet when swelling and other complications set in, at which time doctors shaved a bigger section of his back, finding more wounds that were nearly 1-1/2 inches deep, much like the injury that would be caused by the paw of a much larger animal.

   Bubba, who enjoyed canned food Sunday for the first time since the ordeal, is expected to make a full recovery.

   "He is such a nice dog. If he could be a lap dog, he would," said a smiling Binkley. "He is just a big lover."