Northwest NEWS

March 8, 1999

Front Page

A week of wild weather, sun

   Sun, dark glasses, smiles, the first smell of freshly cut grass, and the sense that spring may indeed be on the way finally arrived for soggy Northshore residents last weekend.

   Convertibles with their tops down and people in shorts out walking and riding their bikes, in spite of chilly temperatures, were good indications of how welcome a sunny day could be.

   The weekend was the first time in more than three months that it didn't rain. And the sun was certainly a big change from the high winds, dark clouds, heavy rain, hail storms, and wet snow that pummeled the area on March 3.

   The wild weather which began late last Tuesday night was caused by warm air from the south colliding with cold air coming down from the north. Howling winds up to 68 miles per hour, transformers blowing up, and trees and falling limbs kept many people awake throughout the early morning hours and left damage that will take some time to fix.

   The power went off in many homes and businesses, and stayed off in some areas for several hours. Both the Northshore and Lake Washington school districts were closed.

   Many roadways were closed, with trees and downed power lines across streets, until crews had a chance to remove the debris. Traffic signals went out and commuters struggled to find a way to work.

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