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March 8, 1999

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Inglemoor students clean up at Rocky's Corner


Inglemoor students worked hard with paint and brushes last week to remove pictures and writing from Rocky's Corner in Kenmore.
Photo by John Phelps.

by John Phelps

   Twelve Inglemoor High School students worked last week to paint over graffitti at Rocky's Corner. Students have begun a campaign to rid Kenmore of unwanted drawings and writing. The graffiti at Rocky's included some violent and porno work and some artistic drawings.

   "We need to stop this before it spreads," said Officer Mark Childers, Kenmore's community service officer. "We don't know who did it, but in the future, they will know it won't last." The police department donated the paint.

   Participating students included: Danielle Belouskas, Samantha St. John, Kim Daane, Steve Trester, Amy Stolmeir, Natalie Ward, Lyndsey Anker, Jessica Arntson, Alanna Jensen, June Corado, Melissa Waters, and Natalie Dennison.