Northwest NEWS

March 8, 1999

Front Page

Carnation considers Council Manager form of government

   The Carnation City Council will hold an open forum at 7 p.m. on March 9 at the Carnation City Hall to invite citizen input on a proposal to adopt a new plan of government for the city.

   A city-sponsored special committee composed of residents and business representatives, chaired by resident Dan Acker, recently studied the issue and recommended that the city council hold a special election on adoption of the council-manager plan of government.

   Under the new plan, the administrative responsibilities for city business would be given to a professional city manager appointed by the Council. This would change the current system and change the focus and role of the mayor from the administrative head of the city to the legislative head. The mayor would then be elected from among the city council members to act as the chairperson or president of the council in its legislative role.

   One extraordinary requirement of Washington State Law, as it applies to adopting the council-manager plan of government, is that the entire City Council must stand for election if the new plan of government is approved by the voters. This will be one of many pros and cons that the Council will discuss before considering a special election at their March 16 regular meeting.