Northwest NEWS

March 15, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   Feb. 28: After leaving Per's Pub in the 17600 block of 140th Ave., a 30-year-old Woodinville resident stopped to pet a pitbull/boxer who was tied up in the back of a truck. However, while she was petting the dog, it lunged toward her, biting her lip and cheek. Woodinville Fire responded to the incident. The woman was taken to Evergreen Hospital where she received a number of stitches to close the wounds. The woman later told police she wasn't filing charges and no longer wanted to talk about the incident.

   Mar. 5: After parking her car in the lot at the Chardonnay Apartments, a 53-year-old Woodinville woman returned the next day to find it missing. The woman, who was preparing to sell the car, said she had placed a number of keys to the car inside the car. However, she told police that no one knew the whereabouts of the keys. Police have yet to find the car or the thief.


   Mar. 4: Ducks flew into a backyard at 8 a.m. in the 6400 block of NE 153rd St. A woman was leaving the bedroom when she heard a shot and the noise of panic-stricken ducks flying off. There was a hole in the bedroom window and glass shards scattered all over the bed and on the floor.

   Mar. 5: Some students at a truck driving school in the 6500 block of NE 175th St. saw two males playing around new pickup trucks stored next door by Bill Pierre Dodge. It was later discovered someone broke a rear sliding window on a truck, cut the alarm, and stole the front leather seat. Police obtained fingerprints.

   Mar. 6: At 2 a.m., police stopped a vehicle on NE 170th Ave. NE. The male driver had a pipe with warm residue in it. The driver admitted smoking marijuana and was arrested. The front seat passenger had 24 grams of marijuana with him and was arrested. The back seat female passenger had marijuana in her coat pocket and was arrested. The front seat passenger stated that he was the middleman for a drug dealer. He delivers cocaine, acid, mushrooms, and marijuana to buyers for the dealer. He repeatedly stated he is not a dealer, just a middleman. People sometimes give him money for the dealer and he gets drugs for the people from the dealer. He only works Friday and Saturday nights and usually the dealer gives him only $50 or $50 worth of marijuana. He wants to get his life straight, has been clean off cocaine for a month, and he's going to stop smoking weed. He also wants to join the Coast Guard.

   Mar. 9: A woman's brother came to her home in the 18899 block of 80th Ave. NE. He was intoxicated, having been drinking for six days. He said he was going to shoot himself with a shotgun and kill his brother. He used loud and abusive language before falling asleep in the back bedroom. Police were called to get him out of the house. Officers had trouble waking him as he kept falling asleep. Aid car medics tried to take his blood pressure. He refused, got up, and started to walk down the hall. As he walked past a policeman, he attempted to hit the officer. The man had to be forcibly restrained and was booked into King County Jail.