Northwest NEWS

March 15, 1999

Local News

Council approves telecommunications amendment

by Chris Trujillo, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--With communications changing more rapitdly than the Tuesday night NBC sitcom lineup, cities are working to keep up with technology without spoiling the beauty that surrounds them.

   During last week's City Council meeting, the seven-person council unanimously approved an amendment to its Personal Wireless Facilities (Telecommunications) Zoning Code. The amendment ensures the city an approiate establishment of regulations and requirements for personal wireless facilities.

   The new section, which most cities have already put into action, allows Woodinville to remain updated with the latest improvements in technology, while maintaining the preservation of the city's natural qualities. The amendment will regulate the location and siting of any future facilities, such as antennas and street utility poles.

   "The amendment is certainly going to provide us the ability to modernize with technology," said Woodinville Planning Director Ray Sturtz. "There are a lot of facets to this, but overall we want to keep up with governmental regulations and technology. We are concerned about the citizens and their safety. We also are acknowledging the changing of technology while trying to comply with federal regulations."

   The new addition to the code will require utility providers to design and locate, and construct facilities on city-owned properties and to reasonably minimize adverse impacts to the environment protecting environmentally sensitive areas, according to published reports.