Northwest NEWS

March 15, 1999

Front Page

Kenmore passes bills, hears police report

by John Phelps, Kenmore reporter

   At the March 8 Kenmore City Council meeting, bills authorizing the city manager to execute contracts for public defense, public defense screener, conflict defender, and arraignment defender were passed, along with a bill authorizing the city to execute a contract for domestic advocacy services with King County.

   The council then passed a bill authorizing a contract with the city of Lake Forest Park for public works maintenance and another one authorizing a contract with King County of the 1999 Overlay Program.

   The last bill passed allows Northshore School District to collect school impact fees on new construction directly instead of having Kenmore act as a middleman collecting the tax and then passing it on to the district.

   Police Chief Cliff Sether gave council members copies of the Kenmore Police Services Report for the fourth quarter of 1998. Between September 1 and December 31, police dispatched 1,472 calls for service, arrested 99 people, and handed out 776 traffic enforcement citations. There were 116 part one (serious) and 129 part two offenses.