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March 15, 1999

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Auditor praises Duvall's books

by Valley View staff

   DUVALL--In a review of the city's finances for 1997, the state auditor has concluded the city of Duvall "has a good record of compliance with state laws and its own policies and procedures."

   The report, issued this month, said the city is audited annually and there have been no findings in recent audits.

   State Auditor Brian Sonntag said in the audit summary that the city has complied with state laws and regulations and its own policies and procedures. "Its financial statements are accurate and complete," the report stated.

   The city, which serves 4,120 citizens, operates on a $3 million annual budget with 32 employees.

   The report stated that, although the state auditors did not examine every portion of the city's financial activities, the areas examined represented the "highest risk of noncompliance, misappropriation or misuse." Other areas are audited on a rotating basis over the course of several years, according to the report.

   The report stated that areas audited included competitive bidding on public works, contracts, budgets, open public meetings, ethics/conflicts of interest, insurance, travel, and cell phone usage. Also evaluated were cash receipts, petty cash, cash disbursements/payables, payroll, investments, long-term debt, revenues, expenditures and interfund transactions.

   The report praised the city in its commitment to serving residents in the most cost-beneficial manner. "The city has used debt financing selectively and conservatively. It is dedicated to accurate and timely financial reporting," the report said.

   It concluded that city management has expended a considerable amount of effort to monitor cash disbursing and receipting and "to devise policies and procedures to ensure that all transactions were properly recorded."