Northwest NEWS

March 15, 1999

Front Page

Valley groups look at coalition building

   Representatives of twenty Valley organizations met on February 25 to explore how working together might strengthen their efforts in reaching their respective goals. Matt McCarter, a Community Organizer with King County's Community Services Division, led the discussion.

   The representatives all agreed that they were all working for a common, over-arching goal: to strengthen the community's ability to nurture all its members. They also recognized that the services that each group offers are part of that effort.

   "In that respect, there is common ground," said Jeff Spencer, President of the Valley Recreation Association and Pastor at Tolt Congregational United Church of Christ (where the meeting was held).

   "The question remains: Is there a way for us to work more closely with one another to empower our efforts?" Spencer added.

   A second meeting is planned for Thursday, March 18, 7-8 pm. It will also be held at Tolt Congregational Church, 4851 Tolt Avenue, Carnation. Anyone interested in exploring how working together may strengthen their group is welcome to attend.