Northwest NEWS

March 15, 1999

Front Page

Council gives go-ahead for new City Hall

by Chris Trujillo, staff reporter

   After spending the past six years in limbo, the Woodinville City Hall may have finally found a permanent place to call home. During last week's City Council meeting, members granted City Manager Pete Rose the authority to seek the needed personnel to begin construction on the new City Hall.

   The future home for the city will be located on the city's three acres of land behind its current site in the old Sorenson School, which is owned by the Northshore School District. The decision to build supercedes any plan the city previously had about purchasing Sorenson, according to Rose.

   "The intent is that it will go there [the land behind the school]," Rose said. "There are no hidden meanings in that word, 'intent.' But that is what the plan is."

   The three acres were bought by the City of Woodinville in October 1996 for $1.65 million after voters turned down a $7.5 million plan to buy the land and building owned by the school district.

   Currently, the city is on a multi-year lease with Northshore, which ends in August, according to Woodinville Treasurer Jim Katica. At that time, the city will renew its lease while the construction begins.

   "We would sure ask for another lease," Katica said. "There should be no problem there. We just kind of know that."

   Now that the location quandary has been resolved, Rose will begin the process of interviewing for a facility projects manager, which he says will take at least 2-3 weeks.

   "A projects manager will be someone who has either some architectural or engineering experience. But that person will also have construction experience," Rose said. "[The manager] will be here to advise and consult us on job space."

   Following the hiring of a projects manager, the city will look for a needs planner and then contract a demolitionist from a pool of vendors on a small works list to destroy the existing structures on the land.

   As for Sorenson, Rose said he isn't sure what the officials for the school district have in mind for it.