Northwest NEWS

March 22, 1999


Letters to the Editor

Low AT&T wireless radio signal?

cell phonesIf you live in Woodinville, especially in the Timbercrest area, and are experiencing low wireless signals on your cell phone, don't give up.

An area of great beauty could be lost forever

quarryHayes Mine/Duvall Rock Company has applied to create a quarry/gravel pit approximately one mile north of Duvall. This application is insufficient to address the multitude of issues involved.

Dairies are not polluting the streams

factsThe letter writer who implied only fools would allow their children to float local rivers because of cow manure (fecal coliform) therein, and that Norman Rockwell lifestyles are history, is lacking a few facts.

Computer technology is here to stay

technology levyI plan to vote on the Monroe School District's April 27 technology levy. And here's why. Computer technology is here to stay.

Parks should be available to all

stadium bondAs a resident of Washington, I do not want to see state parks closed. By charging a $3 parking fee at the state parks, many people who live here will not be able to enjoy the parks we have.

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