Northwest NEWS

March 22, 1999


Equestrians make donation to Little Bit, multi-service center

4-h group

   At the February Classic Equestrian 4-H meeting, $500 was donated to Little Bit and the Northshore Multi-Service Center, each receiving $250. The riders also donated coats, sweaters, and food.

   Classic Equestrian members pictured above include: (back row, left to right) Teresa Andrade (NMSC), Kelly Whitford, Wendy Nygaard, Kate Kolan, Carly Bishop, Lisa Reason, Courtney Garland, April Phillips, and Kristan Gore; (middle row) Teresa Mathiesen, Elise Kolp, Jennifer Holten, and Alison McSpadden; (front row) Jennifer Hume, Alicia Hume, Denise Ebert, Lilly Nickerson, Sarah Reason, Allyson Kolan, and Don Jackson from Little Bit.