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March 22, 1999

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Pet adoption at PETsMART opening

Border Collie Rescue

Dave Littrell and Janet Legg with Border Collie Rescue.

Greyhound Rescue

Steven Reed (left) with Greyhound Rescue.

   Adoptable Border Collies and Greyhounds were on lease for the grand opening of the Woodinville PETsMART last Saturday.

   The 30,000-square-foot store contains approximately 12,000 pet food and supply items and offers pet services including a full-view grooming department, on-site veterinarian service (opening in June), and hosts a Luv-A-Pet adoption service. A State Line Tack department features equine supplies. Live fish, birds, and reptiles are available.

   The Luv-A-Pet adoption service provides local animal shelters and pet rescue groups an opportunity to display animals for adoption. "More than 175,000 cats and dogs were adopted through our Luv-A-Pet Adoption Centers in 1998," said Don Maloney, store director.

   Leased pets are welcome to walk the aisles. "When people adopt, it's a good way to take in a dog that is already trained," said Dave Littrell of Woodinville who, with wife Melinda, are active in Border Collie Rescue and foster many dogs and have three of their own, Elliott, Dillon, and Tank.

   "We are getting dogs in faster than we can adopt them out," said Janet Legg from Border Collie Rescue.

   "Greyhounds are shipped here from Arizona," said Steve Reed of Woodinville, who fosters greyhounds. "The dogs are usually in foster care for about two months."

   PETsMART is open from 9 to 9 Monday-Saturday and from 10 to 6 on Sunday, and is located at 17845 Garden Way.