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March 22, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   March 12: A 39-year-old Bothell woman allegedly entered the Woodinville Top Food Pharmacy with a bogus prescription for the narcotic Percocet, according to a police report. The pharmacist believed the prescription was fake because it allegedy came from a pediatrician, who the pharmacist said would rarely give a child a narcotic like Percocet. After taking down the woman's information, the pharmacist said the doctor's signature looked similar to that of the woman who had submitted the form. The pharmacist matched the signature with one on file for the woman.

   Also that day, a Woodinville resident returned to her mobile home in the 19000 block of 153rd St. to find her window screens removed. Gone were a 13" Panasonic TV, a Panasonic VCR, and a tool box, all valued at $925. According to police reports, the suspect(s) forced their way in through a window located in the back of the mobile home. Police have yet to locate any suspects or the missing items.


   March 3: A man parked a black 1991 Dodge truck next to his trailer in the 18000 block of 73rd Ave. NE at 5 p.m. leaving his keys inside. When he returned, the truck was gone. Loss is reported at $8,000.

   March 9: A Mongoose BMX "Fuzzy Hall" signature bicycle was stolen from the front of the Regents Walk Apartments. Loss was $400.

   March 10: A man returning from work to his home in the 17500 block of 92nd Ave. NE discovered his house had been broken into. Someone had broken a garage window and then kicked in the door from the house to the garage. Gone were 600 CDs, jewelry, 15 bottles of alcoholic beverages, and two watches. Total loss was $5,650.

   Also that day, a 20-year-old man driving on NE 80th at 5:20 p.m. observed a man push ahead out of a turn at a stop sign. He honked and gave the universal salute. The second driver stopped, got out of his car, spit on and punched the first driver. Driver 1 drove to work on Bothell Way. Driver 2 followed, got out of his vehicle carrying a wrench and yelling and swearing at Driver 1. Fellow employees called the police. Driver 2 left. When contacted by police, Driver 2 stated that Driver 1 had spit at him and punched him in the face.

   March 13: A 13-year-old girl reported her purse was taken Saint Edwards Park gym where she was attending a dance for students from Kenmore and Northshore junior high schools. Loss was reported at $50.