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March 22, 1999

Local News

Grace celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Grace dignitaries

(Left to right) Larry Adams, Bob Crim, and Terry Jarvis, Grace's mayor-for-life, took part in the festivities last week.
Staff photo by Chris Trujillo.

by Chris Trujillo

   Attendees at the annual meeting for the town of Grace were told that the proceedings were being simulcast on KGRA--at least that's what town officials said. But if you couldn't find the radio station, there's a good reason. It doesn't exist. As for the city, well, that doesn't exist either.

   Last week, Grace, located unofficially at the north end of Woodinville, held its annual St. Patrick's Day gathering at a crowded Maltby Cafe. Dressed to kill, the town-mayor-for-life Terry Jarvis entertained the green-filled cafe with a few one-liners and then proceeded with important town news, announcing that the town flag was back from Annapurna. Following Jarvis' antics, celebrity Peg Phillips (of the TV series "Northern Exposure") took a bow, saying, "This is the highlight of my career."

   Following a performance by two members of the Grace River Dance Company, everyone moved down Highway 9 for the seven-minute parade. "This is the only parade that has more participants than it has spectators," Jarvis said.

   In the end, under darkened skies, Jarvis and sheriff-for-life Don Fitz, who is still looking for the town fugitive, thanked the crowd and called it a day.