Northwest NEWS

March 29, 1999


Neighborhood needs lower speed limit

   I am writing in hopes of getting some resolution for a problem that the Woodinville City Council has decided to ignore. In fact, some people think they've made it worse.

   Before Woodinville became a city, I had been working with the county to get a traffic light at NE 178th St. and Woodinville-Duvall Rd. The speed limit at the time was 35 m.p.h. The county, after doing a study, reduced the speed limit to 25 m.p.h. This was a step toward improving the safety of those living in and visiting the neighborhood. After all, our lives were not worth the cost of installing a light.

   The vote came up for Woodinville to become a city with the promise of better services and watching out for the community in a way the county couldn't, with more local control. We would have better police services (you know, those guys in uniform that you never see patrolling the neighborhoods, at least not in ours, anyway).

   Now, I know I am sounding bitter. I would be less bitter if I could see enforcement of the twenty-five-mile-an-hour speed zone! I have called the police. I have visited the city hall and talked with a person there who informed me the police were not going to enforce the speed limit. The police did not see any problem and wanted to increase the speed limit back to thirty-five m.p.h. Something is wrong with that picture.

   I guess I should be happy with the city spending money for a sign telling people the name of our neighborhood is "Something Heights" and the play area that looks as if it were made from recycled tires. Hmm, too bad it is not as safe as it could be for the kids there. After all, some of us park our cars on the sidewalks to protect our vehicles from those ignoring the speed limit. This causes kids to have to walk in the street.

   I sure am glad we became a city and have all of those better services!

C. Alan Von Derau, Woodinville