Northwest NEWS

March 29, 1999


Another perspective

   Regarding the truck accident on Novelty Hill that was reported on in the Valley View recently: I was directly behind the truck, and he was not going uphill and he did not roll backward off Novelty. Here is what I wrote as soon as I got home that night:

   I was following a big truck. I was reading the back: "[Someting] Vac. There was what looked like a big vacuum hose off the top rear. As we started down the hill, he picked up speed and I backed off because of the dirty spray. Yes, it was raining again, and the streets were very wet.

   As we started winding down the hill, his brakes began to smoke ... worse and worse. Then much to my amazement, on the final curve, he just lay over on his side! Good thing there was no oncoming traffic, as he was lying in their lane. He slid downhill, through the guardrail, until the front end was hanging over the edge.

   The back of the truck flipped up and over, taking out all the branches on the side of a fir tree and landed with the nose of the truck somewhat close to the road. I know I should have stopped and helped, but the long line of cars behind me did stop. I was too shaken and couldn't handle it. I couldn't even dial my cell phone; that is, if I could get service there.

Terry Wickwire