Northwest NEWS

March 29, 1999


Neighboring cities must have had a reason for cell tower moratoriums

   In the last edition of the Woodinville Weekly was a request for help in obtaining better cellular phone service. Currently, the city of Woodinville has 10-15 cell towers. At least this is what was reported in the Woodinville Weekly some months ago. There may be more today.

   While the neighboring cities declared a moratorium on cellular towers, Woodinville was busy issuing permits and has become the cellular capital of the Eastside. In Woodinville, the trees are protected, but if you need a cellular tower, just call the city. Do we need more cellular towers?

   Currently, we are being bombarded by radio waves from all directions. Does this present a health problem? The telephone companies and the city of Woodinville will say, no problem.

   For years, we have been assured by power companies that electrical power lines are safe and present no health problems. But recently, the National Institute of Health issued a report that says electric and magnetic fields like those around power lines should at least be considered as possible causes of cancer and leukemia in children.

   Our neighboring cities must have had a reason for the moratorium. So, no problem? I don't know, but what do you want to give up for cellular service?

John R. Worl, Woodinville