Northwest NEWS

March 29, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   March 15: County officers filed a report of a forgery which drained $5,000 from the savings account of an 84-year-old female resident of Seattle. Forged documents and official court papers were used to support the forged withdrawal at Woodinville's Washington Mutual Bank, on Feb. 18.

   March 16: A 23-year-old Woodinville male being served a misdemeanor warrant was arrested by two county officers and booked into the King County Jail for possession of a baggie full of marijuana. An officer confirmed the nature of the drug with a field test kit.

   March 20: Police reported slashed tires in the Woodinville QFC lot at 4 a.m.

   March 24: An 18-year-old Woodinville female with a shaved head and painted face was cited for telephone harassment by county officers. The woman left indecent, but non-threatening messages on the phone of a 39-year-old woman and her husband. The woman's anger apparently stemmed from an incident of several years ago and a recent, related trial. The victim said she was afraid of what the caller might do.


   Overnight on March 11-12: Someone cut off a padlock from a storage locker under Building 900 at Inglemoor High School. Several items, including a combination TV/video tape player, walkie-talkies, a stopwatch, another TV, and items belonging to the track coach were stolen. Total loss was reported at $1,200.

   March 17: A man attempted to break into a home in the 16300 block of NE 84th by way of the back door at 7 a.m. He was wearing a black knit ski cap, black sweatshirt, and black jeans. The teenaged son was reading in the living room and heard someone rattling the door. As he stood up to look, the man rushed away. The Dutch doors were dead bolted. Police were unable to find anyone.

   March 21: Police discovered that a vehicle left parked for weeks in Kenmore Village was reportedly stolen in Seattle. The keys to the car were under the front seat.

   March 22: The father of a Kenmore Junior High School student observed that his son looked high. The father then discovered marijuana and a pipe for smoking dope, which he turned over to police.

   March 23: An unemployed 21-year-old man put a bottle of Zantac 75 into his pocket while shopping at the Kenmore Safeway at 11:45 p.m. He paid for other items and attempted to leave the store. Employees detained him for the police. Suspect confessed, said he was sorry for stealing the Zantac, but he had heartburn and didn't want to pay for it. Cost of the bottle of Zantac was $1.99. Suspect was booked into King County Jail.