Northwest NEWS

March 29, 1999

Front Page

Kenmore Council recognizes anniversary, sets Arbor Day, creates planning commission

by John Phelps

   A proclamation honoring Deputy Mayor Dick Taylor and his wife Eleanor on their 50th wedding anniversary was made at the March 22 meeting of the Kenmore City Council. Also passed, at the request of Alan Osborne, was the designation of April 14 as Arbor Day in Kenmore.

   In further business, a planning commission for the City of Kenmore was instituted. The commission will consist of nine members, who will serve until adoption of the comprehensive plan by the City Council. All members will be appointed by, and serve at the pleasure of the City Council, which will attempt to appoint members from all geographic areas of Kenmore.

   The city staff will conduct interviews with all citizens interested in serving on the commission and make recommendations to the Council. Anyone interested in serving should contact Kenmore City Hall at 425-398-0900.