Northwest NEWS

April 5, 1999


Response time is cause for concern

   Living in Woodinville for the past ten years, I have certainly observed changes in the growth in the community. As we all have seen, new businesses have come in, smaller ones have gone, and traffic has continuously gotten worse with no realistic solutions.

   And yet, I still enjoy living in this city. It still has a good feel to it. It still feels homey and I'm glad to be part of it. One of the parts of feeling good about Woodinville is that I have felt safe. I have observed our new police force and seen their friendly presence around.

   It was with great concern then, that for the first time I and my co-workers needed the police in Woodinville, our experience was not one of feeling safe.

   Upon walking to our Travel Agency, Carlson Wagonlit, I noticed the owner, Pam Anderson, in her car on the phone motioning for me to get in. The other agent, Amy, joined us. When Pam had earlier arrived at the office, she realized we had been robbed. One of the doors inside was locked and another was closed with a light on. Immediately, Pam ran out and called 911. Forty-five minutes and two more calls later to 911, police were still not in sight. Amy finally walked over to our police department and told them we were in need of their assistance.

   It was at that point, 55 minutes after Pam's 911 call, that three patrol cars arrived. The officers were all kind to us and did do their investigating jobs well.

   My concern is over the response time. The robber may have been in our office when Pam arrived. Bring robbed is a very upsetting experience and one that is not routine for those who go through it. I would have hoped that by calling 911 for an emergency, the response would be much quicker than 55 minutes.

   Woodinville continues to grow and the way we can make it keep its "smalltown feel" is by knowing we are cared about, feeling protected and safe.

   I hope that when the next 911 call comes into our police department, the response time will be faster than the one we experienced. For without that care, we will all feel less safe in Woodinville.

Wendy Tabb, Amy Happer, Pam Anderson