Northwest NEWS

April 5, 1999


Oil companies should do their part

   As property owners living along the 100-year flood plain in the Snoqualmie Valley, we are being restricted when proposing any new building projects on our land. We are incensed that Texaco, Shell, and Arco, a.k.a. Olympic Pipe Line Company, are moving forward on plans to build a gasoline pipeline through this very same Valley.

   It seems that everyone agrees we don't need this additional hazard, since there is already quite a network of pipelines that exists. The new pipeline will not eliminate oil barges, tankers, and trucks, but it could increase tanker ship traffic in Puget Sound.

   We thought this would be over by now since it was proposed in 1996 and has been continually criticized because of the impacts it could have from construction and operation. It seems to us that the oil companies act like they are above the law trying to run this gasoline hazard across sensitive wetlands, streams, rivers, and salmon spawning beds.

   King County needs to weigh in and oppose this project now and stop wasting money to study it. After three years in the permitting process, the result has been that more and more people and cities are opposing it.

   We will do our part to protect salmon, and oil companies should be compelled to do their part, too.

Bill & Joanne Brown, Carnation