Northwest NEWS

April 5, 1999


License Tab Initiative can solve problems

   How do working families spell relief? The $30 License Tab Initiative is how.

   This initiative sets license tab fees at $30 per year for your motor vehicle regardless of make, model, year, or value. Next year, it would cost just $30 to license your car, sport utility vehicle, motorcycle, or motorhome.

   The outrageous expensive excise taxes and fees we currently pay (Washington has the 8th-highest in the nation, above Oregon, Idaho, and even California) would be repealed. To keep our tax-and-spend representatives from future taxes, the $30 License Tab Initiative would require voter approval for any tax increase, including property taxes, sales taxes, fuel taxes, B&O taxes, and any other taxes--state or local.

   The $30 License Tab initiative solves a big problem that hurts families every year: outrageously expensive license tab fees. A lot of people drive older cars just because they can't afford the annual license fees for newer ones.

   I-695 is a common sense approach and is being well received and supported by people and organizations who become aware of it. Any issue, even one as sensible as the $30 License Tab Initiative, requires people to gather signatures and make everyone aware of it. If you would like to help get Initiative 695 on the ballot or want more information, call Corinne at 425-485-1177.

Corinne Kirshner, Woodinville